Aura Readings

The energy surrounding your inner and outer body. It is the essence of an individual. The color of your soul's vibrations.

Aura's are the vibrational energy that surrounds our inner and outer layers of our bodies. Many are born with the spiritual gift of seeing these vibrations. They emit not only color, but also shape and texture. Looking into ones aura can often identify certain traits or characteristics about a person. They can also shed light on areas that are in need of healing.

Aura readings are good for the following:

  • General information about your inner soul and the energy that surrounds you outside of your soul
  • Identifying areas in your ilfe or on your body that need healing whether physically or emotionally
  • Learning what aspects of your aura could use attention in order to flouish and grow stronger

How it works:

  1. Take a photo of yourself - full body and in front of a wall without any color and submit to Katerina
  2. Katerina will then create a visual image of your aura and give you a written description of the aura reading

Price: $40